Abortion Called To Be “At Forefront of Voters’ Minds”

The Bishops of Kansas said that the faithful of the Catholic Church must focus on issues where the Catholics must speak with a unified voice. According to Kansas Bishop John Brungardt of the Diocese of Dodge City and others: “All… Continue Reading →

Christianity Being A “Coward’s Religion”

Christianity was often perceived by many philosophers during the time of its rise, as responsible for making people weak. Christians are often perceived as quick to abandon their responsibilities during threatening times.’s Bruce Frohnen shared his insight about Christianity… Continue Reading →

Freedom Of Religion No Excuse To Deny Gay Rights

According to US President Barack Obama, Freedom of Religion is a right to believe in any form of belief and spiritual organisations. Obama said it was not an excuse to stress one’s belief over an entire community to deny their… Continue Reading →

The “Copycat Thesis” and the Similarities of Christianity to Other Beliefs

One theory of religious skeptics and some researchers indicated that religion was based on a single, old mythology. While well-known mythologies from the Greek were linked to Roman mythologies, it is possible that Christianity and even Islam were based on… Continue Reading →