Freedom Of Religion No Excuse To Deny Gay Rights

According to US President Barack Obama, Freedom of Religion is a right to believe in any form of belief and spiritual organisations. Obama said it was not an excuse to stress one’s belief over an entire community to deny their… Continue Reading →

It Does Not Mean You’re Religious That You’re Communal Too!

India’s Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal made a point that religion should not be associated with communalism and people should avoid identifying gurus and seers on communal lines. He said that Hinduism belongs to the entire humanity and it… Continue Reading →

Should We Believe A Devout Catholic or Should We Believe Only the Good Doers?

Being good and doing good are possibly two different things. Being good could mean that you are bound by your values or beliefs to do and achieve things beyond your capabilities. Doing good to you could mean rewards from heaven… Continue Reading →

Religion and Causality: Science Takes on Belief

I’ve always been a devout catholic but my circle of friends are composed of different beliefs. I have a Muslim best friend, an atheist colleague and a hard-science nut that believes everything  is due to cause and effect. All of… Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean to Exist?

Existence is the collective experiences of an individual with retrospect. During this period of self-review, he or she understands new lessons, which he or she then applies to possible future repetition of events. One’s existence elevates when new challenges appear… Continue Reading →