According to US President Barack Obama, Freedom of Religion is a right to believe in any form of belief and spiritual organisations. Obama said it was not an excuse to stress one’s belief over an entire community to deny their rights once a single belief has a majority.

During a Democratic Party fundraiser, the US president said some parts of the country may be uncomfortable with same-sex marriage and urges patience with such when understanding the logic behind same-sex marriage

Obama was striking against Republican and Conservatist Politicians and individuals who are using new forms of discrimination to scare people into a ‘transforming’ and ‘crumbling’ America

Kim Davis, a Kentucky County Clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples was arrested for defying a Supreme Court ruling legalising such marriages in Kentucky. Post-arrest, she had allowed the release of licenses without her name and title.

“Seven years ago, we came together not just to elect a president, but to reaffirm our faith in that most American of ideals: the notion that people, no matter where they come from … or who they love can change this country.”

Same-sex marriage is official in Washington, Kentucky and several other American states. Meanwhile, Republican-supportive states remain defiant against the move.