India’s Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal made a point that religion should not be associated with communalism and people should avoid identifying gurus and seers on communal lines. He said that Hinduism belongs to the entire humanity and it is a chosen way of life that allows the well-being of all people.

He stressed that the religious should not hate on the beliefs of the other.

This point is what makes it best. Throughout the existence of the human soul, people have been searching for meaning. When one divides him or herself against the religion of the other, he or she is committing a senseless act for claiming his or her belief is better than the rest.

PS Badal spoke on behalf of Punjab because it has suffered on religious lines as people were divided based on their beliefs. It had disrupted the hard-earned and long peace in the country.

The case of the Islamic State is the best example for Badal’s statement simply because they iterate that Islam is the greatest religion of all, and asserting that their version of Islam is even better than the existing religion shows how twisted their beliefs are and how beliefs can be twisted to influence.

Religion is not made to oppress people, but it is made to free people from their worries. To use religion as a weapon for oppression is to contradict the most common sacred teaching; to love the other as you love yourself.