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Should We Believe A Devout Catholic or Should We Believe Only the Good Doers?

Being good and doing good are possibly two different things. Being good could mean that you are bound by your values or beliefs to do and achieve things beyond your capabilities. Doing good to you could mean rewards from heaven… Continue Reading →

Religion and Causality: Science Takes on Belief

I’ve always been a devout catholic but my circle of friends are composed of different beliefs. I have a Muslim best friend, an atheist colleague and a hard-science nut that believes everything  is due to cause and effect. All of… Continue Reading →

Religion Could Greatly Inspire People to Become More than Who They Are

Having a strong set of beliefs, a person could reach anything and overcome any kind of downfall they face. People need to inspire themselves, and religion is highly appreciative of an individual’s accomplishments. While not reaching an extremist level, religion… Continue Reading →

Three Action Computer Games That Uses Religion as a Crucial Plot Device

Computer games are interactive stories, and what better way to tell a story about religion than a video game? Action games have used religion to develop and push the characters in their stories to become unforgettable. Here are some of… Continue Reading →

The “Copycat Thesis” and the Similarities of Christianity to Other Beliefs

One theory of religious skeptics and some researchers indicated that religion was based on a single, old mythology. While well-known mythologies from the Greek were linked to Roman mythologies, it is possible that Christianity and even Islam were based on… Continue Reading →

Three Respectful Ways to Temporarily Participate in Another Faith

Regardless of your religion, respecting the culture and belief of other countries, tribes or individuals is important. It is the key to understanding the core values and morals of the area and ensuring that they respect your beliefs as well…. Continue Reading →

Religious Figures Could be Great Political Figures of Their Time

The two most famous religious figureheads of the western world were two individuals from the Middle East. Jesus Christ, the child of God and the figure of Catholicism, Christianity and other subgroups, and Prophet Mohammed, who is the figure of… Continue Reading →

Extremism: The Possible Profile of a Coward Behind a Book

For any child, the biggest fear they have is bullies and bullying. Years of trauma and depression can shape their belief system. It could drag them down by lacking self-confidence and assertiveness in their lives. A lack of direction spells… Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean to Exist?

Existence is the collective experiences of an individual with retrospect. During this period of self-review, he or she understands new lessons, which he or she then applies to possible future repetition of events. One’s existence elevates when new challenges appear… Continue Reading →

We All Have But Forgotten To Love

Discrimination is all but spreading not just through ethnicity and culture, but also through religion. Every religion dictates that once everybody believes in the same deity and laws, peace will be found on Earth. However ambitious and glorifying this task… Continue Reading →

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