Belief is a core value of any human. Without proper values and morales, individuals would stay neutral to almost anything in their lives sans survival instincts.

Belief separates humans from animals along with reason.

The two do not coincide at all.

Systematic religion tries to negate the reality of reason being part of religion and belief. Religion and faith as it claims is essentially ‘blind’. Most would think in a systemic religion that an omnipotent being, a deity or energy, is the rightful saviour and deliverer of justice. Most would justify their actions in a systemic religion to be correct as it is per the teachings and scripts of their sacred books.

While reason may argue this as mass hysteria, this is often passed off as “faith” or “blind faith.”

Faith used by atheists and agnostics is tangible evidence in reason. Without evidence, there is nothing.

Meanwhile, those who are on the spiritual side of religion understand that nothing is absolute or literal in the books of the bible, the scripts of the Quoran or other sacred scripts existing today. Instead, these are guiding values that have a connotation to human values. With such, they take their ideas and form values that create love and self-help and development.

Spirituality is all about positivity in the belief you have and encouraging love instead of hatred as secondary language.