Deborah Orr of The Guardian said Islamic extremists aren’t automatically individuals who avoid alcohol and M&S. She said that Muslim parents are to make the effort to stop their children from being radicals.

Orr said that Muslim Parents must be on full alert to stop their children from being radicalised. Parents usually advise their children to “stop drinking and socialising” and “start revising.”

Jihadis have an aversion to Marks & Spencer simply because the shopping chain is owned by Jews.

Unfortunately, many discriminate Britons see that Muslims who stop shopping at M&S and stop drinking alcohol may be a few steps into radicalisation.

For Muslim Parents, it could also be that identifying the problem itself is quite difficult. The symptoms of radicalisation might mean something else. It’s possible that their children might have eating disorders, class troubles or more.

After 9/11, governments had only strived to censor and never to intervene in the practises of Islam. Instead of accepting it, the world sees it, through the media and political decisions, that Islamic extremism is the enemy.

Orr said that some kids just want someone to talk to about their matters and what radicalisation means for themselves and for the world.